JUST-IN: Bola Tinubu Meets Hon. Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu

In a move that has sparked interest in political circles, Asiwaju Bola Ahmed Tinubu, the National Leader of the All Progressives Congress (APC), recently held a meeting with two lawmakers – Hon. Tajudeen Abbas and Benjamin Kalu. The meeting is said to have been productive, with the trio discussing issues of national importance. In this article, we take a closer look at the details of the meeting.

A Meeting of Minds: Bola Tinubu Connects with Hon. Abbas and Kalu

The meeting between Tinubu, Hon. Abbas, and Kalu is said to have taken place at Tinubu’s residence in Lagos. The trio reportedly discussed a range of issues, including the state of the nation, the state of the APC, and the 2023 elections. It is believed that the meeting was part of Tinubu’s efforts to strengthen his political base ahead of the elections.

Hon. Abbas, who represents Zaria Federal Constituency in the House of Representatives, is a member of the APC and a close ally of Tinubu. He has been vocal in his support for the National Leader and is said to be one of the key figures in Tinubu’s political machinery. Meanwhile, Benjamin Kalu, who represents Bende Federal Constituency, is the spokesperson for the House of Representatives and a member of the APC.

According to sources, Tinubu used the meeting to gauge the opinions of the lawmakers on various issues, including the ongoing crisis in the APC. The National Leader is said to be keen to resolve the crisis and restore unity within the party ahead of the 2023 elections. It is believed that Hon. Abbas and Kalu’s input will be key to achieving this goal.

In addition to discussing party matters, the trio is said to have also discussed national issues, including security, the economy, and the fight against corruption. Tinubu is known for his strong stance on these issues and is believed to be seeking the input of like-minded individuals as he prepares for his political future.

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News of the meeting has elicited reactions from various quarters, with many seeing it as a sign of Tinubu’s political ambitions. The National Leader is widely believed to be eyeing the presidency in 2023, and the meeting with Hon. Abbas and Kalu is seen as part of his efforts to build a strong support base.

However, some have raised concerns about the meeting, with some accusing Tinubu of trying to hijack the APC ahead of the elections. There are fears that the National Leader is using his influence to promote his own interests, rather than the interests of the party.

Despite these concerns, many have hailed the meeting as a positive development, with some saying that it shows Tinubu’s commitment to the APC and his determination to ensure its success in the future. The National Leader has been credited with playing a key role in the formation and growth of the party, and many believe that his continued involvement is crucial to its success.

In conclusion, the meeting between Tinubu, Hon. Abbas, and Kalu is a significant development in Nigerian politics. It shows that the National Leader is still a force to be reckoned with, and that he is actively seeking to build a strong support base ahead of the 2023 elections. Whether this will lead to his eventual ascendancy to the presidency remains to be seen, but one thing is clear – Tinubu’s influence in Nigerian politics is likely to remain strong for years to come.

The meeting has raised more questions than answers, but it is clear that Tinubu is determined to shape the future of the APC and Nigerian politics as a whole. We will be keeping a close eye on developments as they unfold, and we will provide updates as soon as they become available. Stay tuned.

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